Loneliness During A Crisis

The last thing a person wants to be during a crisis is alone. The brutal realization of bearing our inequities and misfortunes in isolation. The pandemic is one that gives people so many emotions: astonishment, bewilderment, despair, anguish, hopelessness. The abrupt nature of the crisis and the uncertainty gives people such listlessness. The financial burdens, the mental and emotional degradation, and the anxiety of not knowing what lies ahead. The suffering is unique because we can’t say it’s singular—every person on planet earth is feeling the brunt of the carnage brought on by pestilence.


For many, this pandemic is nothing. It’s just navigating another round of suffering. For many others, its uncharted territory; a realm where their logic and understanding will only yield deficient results. Loneliness only complicates the next steps. Introducing cynicism, pretense, pessimism and brazen hubris makes the path to a resolution that much more difficult and troublesome.


Suffering brings perseverance. Perseverance brings character. Character brings hope. The only way to the realization of these steps to reconciliation, redemption and self-actualization is through the arduous journey of unmitigated pain with purpose and morality. If we pursue by any means necessary, we have learned nothing and the next fall will be more difficult, tenfold. Our faith and our reliance on others is the only way out of this crisis. Forget the past—the past, no matter how pain stricken and tumultuous, does not matter anymore. Society resets, and we must choose how we will proceed. Will we set aside our discourse? Will we destroy our entitlement? Will we pursue goodness?


I wish I had a solution for struggle during crisis. But there are only two courses of action. The first is the easy way; climb back to the position we were in before and suffer in purgatory. The second is to learn from the suffering, grow through perseverance, encourage through character and empower with hope. Only person knows the intricacy of this fruitful pursuit; the person in the mirror. Loneliness compounds the struggle, but loneliness allows for a blank slate towards courage and bravery for the betterment of others. 

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